Unique Design House In the world


Have a house right? Must have.
Houses in linguistics mean shelter and a safe place from outside interference, both hot and rainy. Everyone wants a comfortable home to live either in a house or a house that is made independently for the realization of a sense of security and comfort as a family. Many people argue that the design of the house and interior is a reflection of its owner. But have you ever thought of making a house that is not ‘supposed’?
Here are the houses that are made with no small cost to satisfy the desires of the design owner who is definitely unique and with high architectural techniques and cool. Let ‘s go!

Reverse House

The house is standing upright, but it’s not upright it’s also in Szymbark, Poland. This reverse concept house successfully makes you dizzy when you see it entering this unique home. Daniel Czapiewski created this inverted house to describe the communist period and current conditions.

Bubble House

This bubble-decorated house is located in Cannes, France. In the early 1980s, the famous fashion designer, Pierre Cardin, bought this unique home for a summer vacation. The bubble house was designed by Antti Lovag who might like foam.

Eliphante’s house

The process of making Eliphante’s house takes a very long time, which is 28 years. That was because the husband and wife of the homeowner, Michael Kahn and Leda Livanti, built it by their own hands. Located in Cornville, Arizona, United States, this house looks like an art gallery because it makes remnants of buildings as decorations on the walls of the house. The construction is really long, especially the costs incurred must be overwhelming.

Replay’s Building

In 1812, an earthquake with a force of more than 8 SR shook New Madrid, Missouri and destroyed all buildings. Well, almost everything. One of the buildings that ‘survived’ is this cracked building and is now part of a unique list of buildings at Ripley’s Believe It or Not. This is a cool house because all the aspects that support its uniqueness have been calculated.

Dancing House

This building design does look too modern and has become controversial in its time. But the Czech president at the time, Vaclav Havel, really liked it and hoped that this building would become a center for cultural activities later. This building is named ‘Fred and Ginger’, which is the name of famous American singers and dancers because at a glance this building is similar to a pair of dancers.

Stone House

This Stone House in Portugal is one of the best examples of natural elements that are used in-house design. It’s unique when seen in real terms, but the house is truly inhabited, you know.

Dome House

Dome House which rests on the land of Florida, United States, is a view of a white house that looks beautiful with a unique and interesting dome architecture.

Hole House

The house which is seen as a time passageway called Hole House in Texas, United States is an art project resulting from an extraordinary accident. Whatever the meaning, this house is included in the unique MTN version of the house.

Cubic House

The Cubic house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a group of houses that stand together to form a cube geometry. The cube house consists of 32 houses that are related to each other. The house with each cube consists of three floors, this was designed by Piet Blom in 1984. The interesting factor here is how this house is kept from falling due to gravity.